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At Threshold, we believe that everyone has a right to a home. We are committed to preventing homelessness before it even starts. We provide free advice and support to people in housing difficulty and those at risk of losing their rented home.

Conor & Vicky with their family - Threshold clients

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Together we can prevent homelessness before it starts. 

Threshold is the only organisation in Ireland advocating for the prevention of homelessness. We know that the best way to keep people from losing their homes is to support renters. We work tirelessly resolving tenancy problems to keep people in their homes and out of homelessness.


This is the story of just one of the thousands of people and families our expert service advisors have been able to help from the brink of homelessness.

I know I’m much more than that. I know all about the years I’ve worked as a nurse – a job I love dearly. I know about the rare medical condition that forced me to stop work. I know how dedicated I am to raising my Aoife, how much she means to me.
Niamh & Aoife’s Story, Threshold Client

You can help Threshold prevent homelessness.

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