About us

Founded in 1978, Threshold provides independent advice and advocacy to people experiencing housing problems. Our mission is to advise tenants, prevent homelessness and to pursue a right to housing for all.

About Threshold - photo of Threshold helpline assistant Graham

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is an Ireland where everyone has access to affordable, secure, suitable and good quality housing in sustainable communities.

Our mission is to advise tenants, prevent homelessness and to pursue a right to housing for all by:

  • Providing tailored advice and representation to tenants and their families.
  • Delivering services and supports that protect tenancies and prevent people in the residential rented sector from becoming homeless.
  • Advocating for housing rights, through policy and legal positions informed by our services.

Our values are:

  • Independence: We are an independent organisation and will pursue our agenda with courage and fairness.
  • Accountability and Openness: We are fully committed to the values of transparency and accountability in our work and governance, and openness to change and adapt our services.
  • Dignity, Care and respect: We will always treat our clients, our staff and other stakeholders with empathy, dignity, care and respect in all of our work and interactions.
  • Right to housing: We believe that everyone has a right to housing and equality of opportunity.
  • Empowerment: We believe in assisting tenants with specific advice to enable them to solve their own housing problems, and where necessary representing tenants in disputes and intervening in more complex cases.
  • Trust: We are trusted by both clients, statutory bodies, other NGOs, donors and other stakeholders to provide expert, accurate advice and evidence-informed policies to advance the situation facing tenants.
  • Competence and Experience: our advisors are a repository of knowledge and expertise on housing law and policy, informed by our work with clients, and our policy, legal and campaign work is lead and informed by the quantitative and case study data from our services.

Our Impact

In the decades since our founding, Threshold has established a tradition of positive change. Learn more about the difference we make, with the help of our supporters.

40 Years

40 years keeping individuals and families out of homelessness.


The amount to prevent a family from becoming homeless.

Over 9,500

The number of people saved from the trauma of homelessness in 2022.


At Threshold we aim to be transparent by acting with our values in mind, and to be constantly held accountable to them. We do that by stating our activities and declaring our finances in our annual reports; by clearly stating how we handle sensitive data with our GDPR policy and donor charter; and by asking anyone who has concerns to share them with us on our Feedback page.

Our Team

Our expert team knows the housing system inside out, and all our work is guided by our values: independence, accountability, dignity & respect, and the Right to Housing

What we do

Threshold helps prevent homelessness by providing free expert advice to people in housing difficulty and campaigning for a fairer housing system. We seek innovative solutions through quality research. Our home-saving work is made possible by the unwavering loyalty of our supporters, who share our vision.

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