Fit for Rent

Threshold proposes a certification system to ensure privately rented properties meet a certain minimum standard of quality.

The Issue

Far too many people in Ireland are living in rental properties that are in poor condition. At Threshold we talk to people facing electrical problems, cold draughts, leaking pipes, infestations of pests and much more.

These issues can take time to resolve, often with the burden to initiate inspections, which can take considerable time to organise and take place, on the tenants. Meanwhile, renters are in conditions that can range from inconvenient to actively bad for their health.

We feel strongly that this has to change, which is why we’re campaigning for the introduction of a certification system, to ensure landlords maintain their rental properties at least to a basic minimum liveable standard.

The Solution

The introduction of a certification system would mean that the burden of proof for compliance with minimum standards rests with the landlord. A landlord would be required to provide a certificate of fitness to the local authority before their property could be rented.

The system will, after initial setup, become a cost-saving measure. It will result in a reduction in cases pertaining to standards brought to the RTB freeing up valuable resources. It will facilitate more targeted inspections of privately rented properties by the Local Authority and free up resources to take the appropriate action to have some brought up to standard.

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