How can I get a rent book?

Your landlord is obliged under law to provide you with a rent book. 

The following information is typically contained in a rent book:  

  • The address of the dwelling  
  • Your landlord’s name and address and the landlord’s agent (if any)  
  • Your name  
  • The date the tenancy started  
  • The amount of deposit paid  
  • The amount of rent and how it is to be paid  
  • Details of any other payments for services e.g. for heating or internet  
  • A statement on the basic rights and duties of landlords and tenants  
  • An inventory of furnishings and appliances supplied by the landlord. 

Individual rent books can easily be ordered through the website. The cost of a rent book is €4 including postage and packaging costs. Please ensure you provide your full name and address when making the payment.

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