What is the RTB Dispute Resolution Mechanism?

If you are having a problem with your tenancy it is always preferable to try to resolve the problem informally through dialogue with your landlord or letting agent. Threshold may be able to assist you with this. If this is not possible you may be left with no option but to submit a dispute to the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB). 

When submitting your case, you have a choice between asking for your complaint to be dealt with under telephone mediation or at an adjudication hearing. There are pros and cons to either procedure and you can discuss the best option with Threshold. More information on mediation and adjudication can be found by clicking here 

Mediation is free whilst adjudication costs €15 if you apply online or €25 for a paper application. There are normally no other costs to bringing a complaint. If you decide on mediation, the RTB will contact you to arrange a time for the telephone mediation. If you decide on adjudication, the RTB will process the application and notify you and the landlord/agent of the hearing date. 

You can apply online by clicking here or alternatively download and complete the application form available on this page. More information on how the RTB works can be found by clicking here  

Representation in the RTB 

It is normally advisable to seek advice before making an application to the RTB. Threshold offer a free service to tenants in advising on complaints to the RTB and can assist in the completion of the applications. RTB hearings are relatively informal and many cases are successfully concluded without the tenant being represented. There is no requirement to be represented and tenants are free to choose who they wish to represent them. In some cases, Threshold can offer to prepare the case and represent the tenant at the hearing. Due to limits on our resources, we are not able to offer this service in all cases. 


Investigation and Sanctions Unit 

In addition to the dispute mechanism above, the RTB has an Investigation and Sanctions Unit which is dedicated to investigating potential breaches by a landlord of the Rent Pressure Zone (RPZ) Rules, failure to register your tenancy, giving a false or misleading reason for ending your tenancy or not offering the property back to you within the required timeframe. To find out more about this or to make a complaint please click here 

A landlord found guilty of a breach could be fined up to €15,000 and be held liable for costs of up to €15,000. In addition, the outcome will be published on the RTB website. 


Workplace Relations Commission. 


Threshold advisors also represent tenants at the Workplace Relations Commission. This is typically related to cases where the landlord has discriminated against a tenant by refusing to sign HAP or Rent supplement forms (link to Doc 13, Discrimination). In these cases Threshold will do all it can to avoid the necessity of taking an official dispute. However, if a dispute is necessary we can assist you through all stages of its development.  

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