Lifting of eviction ban is disappointing and detrimental

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Unprecedented numbers of adults and children could now become homeless, as a result of the Government’s plan to lift the eviction ban for rented properties, according to housing charity Threshold.

Threshold CEO John-Mark McCafferty said that the organisation currently works with thousands of individuals with notices of termination, and the Coalition’s decision is likely to exacerbate the concerns – and situations – these renters find themselves in. Threshold is working with people who are genuinely fearful of where they will be living once their notice is up.

In 2022, Threshold became aware of 5,444 newly-created termination cases, where 57% of notices were issued due to the landlord selling, and in 17% of such cases, the landlord and/or family member moving in.

The ban on evictions is not a “silver bullet”. The ban was to provide “breathing space” for positive changes and improvements in supply to take place. Unfortunately, we are yet to see the outcome of Government action in this respect. The decision to end the ban at the end of this month will likely make a bad situation worse. It is disappointing and detrimental.

Threshold is working with thousands of people who are facing losing their homes and they don’t know where to turn. Local Authorities are struggling to provide emergency accommodation, and with St. Patrick’s Day coming and the tourist season underway, there will be an even greater shortage of such accommodation – along with a possible collapse in availability of emergency accommodation. Evidence from the Residential Tenancies Board and our frontline staff indicates a significant number of evictions are pending.”

John-Mark McCafferty, Threshold CEO

He said that some of the measures announced today – such as an offer of first refusal to buy a property – may help some renters, however, many would not be in a position to do this given the exorbitant cost of rent and the inability of people to save the significant deposits required as a result. Threshold does welcome the proposal for Approved Housing Bodies to purchase homes with the tenant-in-situ and the delivery of these on a cost-rental basis.

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