Our Campaigns

Everyone should have the right to an affordable, secure, suitable, and good quality home. At Threshold, we know that prevention is the solution to the homelessness crisis.

Prevention is the solution to homelessness.

Threshold believes that everyone has the right to housing. Preventing homelessness among private renters is core to Threshold’s work. Losing your home in the private rental sector is the primary gateway into homelessness. As the housing crisis in Ireland worsens, we are taking action to ensure fairness and protect the rights of renters. Prevention is the solution to homelessness.

Current campaigns

Threshold is working on vital campaigns aimed at changing Ireland’s housing laws and making a fairer private rental sector for all.

Our victories

Throughout our history as a campaigning organisation Threshold has secured many key victories, transforming the landscape for renters in Ireland. Here are just a few of them:
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