Restrictions on AirBnB style short terms lets need to come into play before the summer season - Threshold

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Commenting on today’s (25.10.18) media reports about regulations governing AirBnB-style short lets, CEO of national housing charity Threshold, John-Mark McCafferty said: “While the measures reported in the media today are in and of themselves welcome, June is still some eight months away, which is a long time to wait for these important and long called for changes to be implemented.”

“In recognition of the historic shortage of supply in the rental sector, Threshold has proactively sought a moratorium on full-time lets, particularly where entire properties are given over to short-term lettings. We have also advocated for the registration of all short let units which are let for over 90 days in a twelve month period with local authorities. However any measures implemented must be effectively enforced by local authorities and need to ensure that all players in the market adhere to the rules of the game. Furthermore any measures implemented must ensure that  the advertising of short term lets does not migrate to online forums such as Donedeal or Gumtree to avoid detection It is also important to know what responsibility lies with the operators such as AirBnB – when unlicensed properties are advertised on their platforms.

“We also have to question the timing of these mooted measures” added Mr McCafferty.  “Many of the properties will be booked up well in advance of June. What happens to the bookings if they have been made prior to the effective date?” he asked.

“We look forward to the Minister’s formal announcement in the coming days and hope that the additional details go some way to addressing other reservations. Our cities have to be liveable places for the future and we cannot continue housing tourists in homes at the current levels while many of our families have to live in hotels”. Mr McCafferty concluded.

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