Stop unfair deposit retention

For renters in Ireland, it has become a normal experience for deposits to not be returned in full or at all. Tell your story and put an end to this unlawful practice.

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For renters in Ireland, it has become a normal experience for deposits to not be returned in full, if at all. Every renter has a story of a time they were leaving a rented home and their deposit was unlawfully kept. Landlords often cite small jobs such as painting and cleaning as the reason to keep part or all of a deposit. This is commonly stated without receipts or proof. It is part of renting today. Learn more about this issue.

Take action – tell your story

This map shows the stories of renters across Ireland who have lost their deposits. Share your story of a time your deposit was unfairly taken – sadly, we know almost all renters have one.

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The Issue

Renters can challenge unlawful deposit retention and take the matter to the RTB. But, that can be a lengthy and difficult process that does not help renters get their needed money back.

We have been advocating for the protection of renters’ deposits through a Deposit Protection Scheme since 2009. We know, and you know, that deposits are unfairly withheld every day. But due to low numbers of tenants taking cases to the RTB, to Government, it looks like it is no longer an issue.

We know that the low number of cases brought to the RTB does not reflect the reality of renters.

Now it is up to you to show the real need, to tell your story. You and your experience are crucial to helping realise this much-needed change for all renters. We have created a map to show Government just the tip of the iceberg of renters’ experiences. Because we know stories, like yours, are what make change.

What we need you to do is very simple – just tell us your story of a time your deposit was unfairly kept by your landlord. Thank you in advance for helping renters across Ireland.

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