These are the stories of just some of the thousands of people our expert service advisors have been able to help from the brink of homelessness.

You can depend on us to be by your side, every step of the way.

Here at Threshold we help generations of individuals and families, meeting uncertainty in the depths of a housing disaster with empathy and knowledge. Never before have our frontline services been so needed. The handful of moving stories below show the impact we have on renters’ lives. 

Conor & Vicky’s story

This young couple were facing eviction and were frightened that they and their children were going to become homeless. Thankfully, they reached out to Threshold. 

Conor and Vicky with their family
Threshold are our family’s guardian angels.
Conor & Vicky

Liz’s story

At the age of 76, Liz was facing the prospect of becoming homeless. Luckily she contacted Threshold, and we were able to keep her secure and housed.  

Threshold was firmly beside me in my lowest moments
Liz’s story, Threshold Client

Ciara’s story

When Ciara, mom to Lilly, received a letter from her landlord saying he wouldn’t accept HAP, she went into a panic. But help was at hand, thanks to Threshold.

Ciara with her daughter
I couldn’t have done it alone.
Ciara’s story, Threshold Client

Lucas’ story

When Lucas moved to Ireland from Brazil, his landlord delivered none of his promises. Threshold was able to ensure Lucas’ home was safe and clean.

Lucas story
In a new country I knew nothing about the housing system.
Lucas’ story, Threshold Client
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