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There are many ways you can support Threshold’s work other than donating money. For more than forty years we have campaigned to improve the lives of renters in Ireland. In recent years that work has taken on a new urgency as the housing crisis worsens and the number of people experiencing housing insecurity increases.  

At Threshold we know the depth of the problems, but we also know that there are solutions. There are ways in which we can do things better and there are better choices that we can make as a society. Our policy suggestions grow directly from our frontline advice work. The issues that we hear about every day, from renters across the country, gives us a unique insight into the problems in our housing system and places a unique responsibility on us to communicate those problems and solutions to the public and to government. Join us in creating lasting change for people that need us most. Help stop homelessness before it even happens.  

Why do we need a referendum? 

We believe that housing is a human right. We believe that access to adequate housing is a fundamental precondition for the enjoyment of other rights and a fundamental precondition for a society in which everyone can flourish. Our vision is an Ireland where everyone has access to affordable, secure, suitable and good quality housing. 

While housing is a Human Right, it is not one that is recognised in the Irish Constitution.. That’s why we are urging Government to hold a referendum and we need you by our side. Together we can ensure every citizen should have the right to a safe, secure, and suitable place to call home. Sign up here to keep informed  

A referendum on the Right to Housing is an opportunity for the people of Ireland to have their say of this the issue. A right to housing would balance the existing right to Private Property which is already in the constitution. The right to private property is what protects landlords and vulture funds from government measures to rebalance the system in favour of tenants.  

Currently, it is difficult for Government to place a ban on evictions, put rent controls in place or many other home-saving measures during our housing disaster due to our Constitution’s right to Private Property. 

The Constitution of Ireland says, in the preamble, that it exists so that the “dignity and freedom of the individual may be assured.” The current housing crisis has robbed a generation of that dignity and of the freedom to flourish. Join us in our campaign to amend the constitution so that it better reflects its purpose and better serves the victims of out housing crisis.  

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