Threshold appeals for cross-party political support for NCT-style inspections in rental market

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The national housing charity, Threshold is appealing to every member of the Dail to support the introduction of a NCT-style certification system to ensure minimum standards in the private rented sector. Sinn Fein has pledged to use its Private Members Time in the Dail tomorrow (07.11.17) to call for greater resources for local authorities to inspect rental properties, an NCT-type registration system for landlords, and tougher sanctions for landlords who refuse to register their tenancies or meet minimum standards.

Commenting, Threshold chair, Dr Aideen Hayden said: “The lack of standards in rented accommodation is one of the biggest issues facing our country today. We are very pleased to see this brought forward for debate in Dail Eireann and we would like to see all-party support for our call for an NCT-style system to ensure that all rented accommodation meets minimum standards. We are calling on all parties to unite in defence of vulnerable tenants living in modern day tenements, often at the mercy of rogue landlords. We want to see a genuine commitment to real and effective change and that our NCT proposals are enshrined in legislation.”

Threshold’s proposed NCT-type certification system for private rented housing would result in landlords being obliged to prove compliance with minimum standards and fire safety before they could rent their properties.

Dr Hayden added: “We firmly believe that a certification system needs to be put in place, with severe penalties for landlords found to be in breach. This would ensure there is no incentive to be outside of the system. Inspections would then focus solely on whether the landlord held a certificate of compliance.”

“This week in the Dail, we have an opportunity to resolve this issue and to improve the lives of so many people renting in Ireland.  We ask for a consensus to be arrived at in order for an NCT system of certification to be introduced. Such a system would bring an end to the horrible predicament of so many vulnerable tenants.”

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