Threshold comments on Rent Freezes Bill

General News

Ahead of the Rent Freeze (Fair Rent) Bill being considered in the Dáil tonight, John-Mark McCafferty, CEO of Threshold commented: “We welcome the proposal for a three-year rent freeze. While there is evidence that RPZ legislation is having an effect, we still have not seen an appreciable increase in supply and rents continue to be too high, exceeding mortgage payments in many cases. The two-year rent freeze that was introduced previously did give tenants respite and, providing there is an increase in housing supply to the extent needed, three years would be a suitable time frame for a similar measure.”

“The three major shortcomings in the private rented sector that Threshold has identified are the lack of security of tenure; lack of available rented housing; and lack of affordability. An over-reliance on the private rented sector in a constrained housing market has only served to intensify these shortcomings. While we recognise the need for strong measures to tackle the crisis, it is important to be conscious of any potential impact these could have on supply – and so to mitigate this other measures need to be put in place alongside a rent freeze. These could include a temporary ban on sale as grounds for ending a tenancy; an increase in construction targets under Rebuilding Ireland; the ramped-up delivery of Government measures of affordable purchase and cost-rental housing; tax measures to encourage landlords to rent to lower income tenants; and the promotion of long-term leases.”

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