Threshold statement on new Residential Tenancy Board (RTB) figures

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The figures released today by the RTB reflect the ongoing trend observed by Threshold, and which it has been raising concerns about since early this year. Threshold assisted almost 3,000 (2,821) renters who had received a notice of termination from their landlord, in the first six months of this year. 55% of those were for the purposes of sale.

John Mark McCafferty, Threshold CEO commented: “The private rented sector is facing an onslaught of evictions. Behind the statistics are individuals and families entering homelessness and losing their homes. It is imperative that the government moves quickly to formulate a specific, targeted strategy for evictions to help keep people in their homes and ensures some level of security around this.

“This strategy must focus on how small landlords can be incentivised to remain in the sector. There have been widespread calls for reform of the taxation of rental income. If this is what is needed to keep them active in the sector, then the Government must introduce and expedite these changes. However, it is imperative that any reform of the tax burden on landlords is strictly linked to increased security of tenure for private renters, including ten-year lease agreements.”

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