Thank you for booking a video call with a Threshold advisor.

You will receive an email confirmation shortly. Below, we have outlined a few steps to help you prepare for the meeting and ensure you get the most from our call together.

Step 1 – Check your email

You’ll get an email soon confirming your call, please check your email to ensure you’ve received it. You may add our email address to your contacts to ensure you receive future notifications.

Step 2 – Add to your calendar

Inside that email is a link to your video meeting and an easy way to add it to your calendar. Please go ahead and do that so you don’t forget the meeting!

Step 3 – We need you there

It’s important you attend the call because reschedules can be hard to do. If for any reason you cannot attend, please use the link in the email you received to cancel the meeting. This allows us to allocate the slot to someone else in need of assistance.

Step 4 – Be on a computer

Make sure you’re ready a few minutes early and in front of a computer. It’s a good idea to check your wifi connection ahead of time and that all your documents are to hand for the call.

Step 5 – Gather any & all questions

This is your chance to pick the brain of our advisors for free! Come ready for the call with all your questions.

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