What we do

Threshold helps prevent homelessness by providing free advice to people in housing difficulty and campaigning for a fairer housing system.

Single mother with young child

Housing is
a human right.

We work closely with renters experiencing housing problems while actively campaigning together to make lasting legislative change and to ensure everyone has a right to affordable, secure, suitable, and good quality housing. Housing is a human right, with the help of supporters who campaign with us and share our dedication to homeless prevention, we are building a fairer housing system for all.

Liz’s story

We help people experiencing renting problems

Every hour I’d be wondering whether the water would work, whether the heat would be cut, whether I’d be locked out... I’m so thankful for the help I received from Threshold. They helped me understand what supports were available.
Liz’s story, Threshold Client

We campaign for change

We advocate for private renters’ rights, pushing for policy changes that will make good-quality housing more secure and more affordable. View all Campaigns
Right to Housing campaign poster

The Right to Housing

Threshold is calling for the inclusion of the Right to Housing in the Irish constitution. We strongly believe housing is a human right.
Moratorium on evictions

Moratorium on Evictions 2020 - 2021

Threshold worked diligently to ensure that the protections afforded to tenants were at the forefront of the government’s thinking and that the large number of people who lost their livelihood were not forgotten.

We seek innovative solutions through quality research

Threshold's ground-breaking policy is vital to understanding Ireland's acute housing problems, which informs our homelessness prevention work.
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